OddSphere is a collection of hand-picked contractors, all experts in their relevant field and all working freelance.  We work short contracts and keep ourselves calendars free in the long term so we're always available for that little job you need doing.  Get in touch today and establish a relationship so we can help you when you need us.

Each one of us wants the challenge of making your business a success online and nothing motivates us more than a site lost in the world wide web that needs our help.  We have decades of years’ experience - which in the digital world is a long time (trust me). We like to keep on top of industry trends, innovative ideas and techniques that contribute to the success and future-proofing of business websites.

But enough about us...


“I need a website”

“I need digital marketing/SEO”

“I need an expert .net developer – stat!”

"Sign me up for some of that Content Marketing"


Sometimes the best means to end is not conventional, and we want to achieve real results, so if we suggest creating a quiz about superheroes, you might want to hear us out. Other strategies we’ve used in the past to maximize budgets and efficiency have included:

  • In-house SEO training to increase efficiency
  • Brainstorming with the client
  • Automating online services
  • Custom CMS building
  • Flexibility to meet anywhere, any time
  • Clever content marketing on any budget
  • Making the most of your connections for collaboration